13 de juny de 2013

Right, I feel like this is the third thousand time I try to start the blog. Let's hope I will make it last, now that I have summer holidays *fingers crossed*. I really don't know what to say, I'll try to upload staff every week or so. 
My name's Núria, as I hate my name, call me N -so Gossip Girl-ish-. I'm spanish and I'm 17. I'll try to upload some outfits, things that I'd have done during the day or just some general information about things I like. If you would like to suggest anything, you can tell me.
I'll start telling you that I'm so excited, as I'm going to London on July the 9th. I was there last year, but just for two days, so I was willing to return. And luckily, I'm going there one month! Woop, woop. I'll bring my camera and I'll make the effort to take some pictures to show you. I want to buy loads of things. I'll make sure I show you them in the next post. Also I'm planning to post some London travelling essencials, and I'll ask my best friend to snap my outfits and I'll make a London diary. As you can see I promise a lot, but I'm not very sure if I will. Whatever, I think I should shut up. I'll leave you here some pictures from last-year trip to London, cause remember, there's no serendipity in LA.